Welcome to the ScreenScene Magazine careers page.

We are currently looking volunteers who would be interested in contributing to the website. As the term ‘volunteer’ suggests, at this point you will not be paid for your contributions but your writing will be seen and read by thousands of people and you will take credit for your contributions. This can be valuable for your CV if you are looking to break into journalism.

Additionally, and as importantly, people who join our team at this point may be the first to be offered paid positions when the business reaches profitability.

Volunteers must be able to:

  • communicate ideas in writing
  • review films and TV shows
  • come up with ideas for feature articles
  • follow those ideas through to produce feature articles

What You Get In Return For Your Contributions

While we cannot currently pay you, we do pay the following expenses:

  • if you are tasked with reviewing a movie, we’ll pay for your ticket

If you’d like to join our team…

Please send us your CV and either a couple of writing samples or links to online samples.

We are all for giving people a chance and do consider people with no background in journalism as long as you can demonstrate a strong interest in and passion for film and television.

Send the requested information to

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