Cage Paintings

We’ve all heard of cave paintings, right? Well. These are Cage paintings: Paintings of Oscar-winning actor, Nicolas Cage. And they’re all being exhibited at the Nicolas Cage Art Party. Why in the name of Zeus’s BUTT HOLE would anybody do that?

Well, why not?

Love him or hate him, Nicolas Cage is one of the most memorable actors of our generation, with his trademark nose and style of just SAYING random words really, really LOUDLY:

(Video contains a lot of swearing, so if you’re offended by that sort of thing, you might want to skip it!)

And, joking aside, some of these paintings are incredibly good. There are more than 90 pictures at the exhibition in total from countries all over the world, showing Nicolas Cage in a multitude of styles.

Some, like the cover photo above are faithful to movie roles, depicting Nicolas Cage as Cameron Poe in Con Air, the Jerry Bruckheimer action thriller from the late 90s. Other more humorous examples like Saint Nic, below, show a world famous work of art with Nic Cage’s head transplanted onto the subject.

Unfortunately, the show will take place in LA, not the UK and because of that, we won’t get to see the rest of the art. But the organisers have released the following examples for your admiration:



Nicolas Cage


This caricature is my favourite. No movie immediately comes to mind, but the angle and perspective are interesting. It’s deliciously atmospheric and depicts Cage is almost depraved!

















Saint Nicolas Cage


Sad Nicolas Cage


Tell us which you like best…


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