The Wolf of Wall Street

Nominated for five Oscars the day before UK release, The Wolf of Wall Street stars Leonardo DiCaprio (nominated for Best Actor) as Jordan Belfort in this cocky and slick white collar Goodfellas story following his rise as a young stockbroker on Wall Street to his fall involving crime and corruption.

DiCaprio plays the supremely confident Jordan Belfort with mastery.┬áIt’s always a treat to watch a movie featuring a Hollywood A-lister when you find yourself forgetting that you’re watching a Hollywood A-lister. DiCaprio is so convincing as a young stock broker that I forgot I’m watching Leonardo DiCaprio. His performance throughout the film is near flawless, making his nomination for best actor at the Oscars well deserved. From the opening frame this is clear.

As good as DiCaprio was, I was as impressed, if not more so by Terence Winter’s screenplay. It is perfectly crafted in terms of characters and the story is well sequenced and despite a running length of three hours, it never struggled to hold attention, balancing drama and humour seamlessly.

It’s a long and mature film though fun enough to make it genuinely enjoyable.

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