Captain America: Winter Soldier

When Avengers Assemble was released, it was generally felt that Captain America was the lamest of Avengers. With his shield and distinct lack of super powers, he just looked dated and generally uninspiring. How times have changed.

When Nick Fury is attacked by a mysterious assassin who is seemingly a physical match for Captain America, Steve Rogers can trust no-one as he tries to figure out how did it and why.

The Winter Soldier delivers everything you would expect from a summer block buster – even though it isn’t quite summer yet:

Lots of chuckle-worthy one liners maintain a fun tone to a plot that could easily have worked as  a Jerry Bruckheimer thriller back in the 90s and sets The Winter Soldier apart from most comic book movies.

The action sequences and fights were increasingly and impressively inventive – that shield turns out not to be such a lame weapon after all.

All of that plus Scarlett Johansson in leather – really, what’s not to like?

The result is a genuinely entertaining and enjoyable film that isn’t vastly lacking in any department. Impressive on almost every level, The Winter Soldier will be well received, even by those who aren’t huge Marvel fans.

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