The MMBF: Supporting The A-List Of The Future

Matthew Martino Fund

Today’s stars, who shook the film fraternity with their outstanding skills, were yesterday’s newcomers. The journey, however, wasn’t always easy. There were times when these budding artists almost succumbed to the twists and turns, the rises and falls of life. The Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund aims at being the support system for these fledglings by providing financial assistance.

Set up in 2013 by Mathetes Chihwai, better known by his stage name Matthew C. Martino, the MMBF offers a chance for budding pilots and aspiring actors. The trust has already made its presence felt in the film industry by partnering with Colchester Film Festival. Many producers believe that the trust is doing a great job for the international film circuit. However, for the fund to be a success, they need to support future A-Listers. It is about pushing through the DiCaprio, Clooney, or Hathaway of the future.

MMBF aims to support both first time filmmakers and established filmmakers through grants and bursaries towards film courses and funds for first time filmmakers aged under 21*. Actors and performing arts students can also apply for support towards their studies or any other performing related costs. 

The founder aims at keeping the funding private. Moreover, MMBF wants to have a good rapport with UK’s top film schools and film festivals. To realize these aims, the program needs to increase its credibility by funding future A- listers. The fund has also started funding entrepreneurs through the MM Enterprise Award.

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