Audience Disappointed by Homeland Season 3 Finale

The jaw-dropping finale to US Drama Homeland’s third season aired on Channel 4 tonight, disappointing viewers across the UK.

A major part of the story was the public execution of main character Nicholas Brody. Brody has featured in the show starring opposite Claire Danes since the first episode of the show.

Viewers, airing their views on social networking site, Twitter, have not taken the conclusion of the season well.

Here are some of the tamer tweets:

Homeland Season 3 Finale opinion

And there are plenty more where that came from:

Homeland Season 3 Finale Opinion Tweet 2

Other viewers questioned whether Brody’s death was real, but a show runner has confirmed that Damian Lewis, who plays Brody, will not return for the already-announced 4th season of the drama.

Lewis is already attached to two upcoming feature films.




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