Take A Lap Of The Planet with Channel 4

If Richard Branson gets his way – and he usually does – you could take a trip to space before too long. But until then, or if you don’t think you’ll ever have a spare hundred thousand pounds for a ticket, tonight on Channel 4, you can take a trip into space from your front room.

As part of Channel 4’s Live From Space season, in what promises to be some of 2014s most breath taking television, Channel 4 will take you on a 90 minute journey around the world. Traveling at speeds of nearly 300 miles a minute or 17,500 miles per hour, the ISS makes a complete orbit of the Earth every 90 minutes taking in a sunset and sunrise as well as stunning visuals from 250 miles above the Earth.

The show will be presented by Dermot O’Leary, with contributions from Professor Stephen Hawking and British astronaut Tim Peake.


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