New Comedy Coming To BBC Three

BBC Three today confirmed four new comedy commissions for the channel: a new comedy series 600 Days (w/t), a new pilot Top Coppers as well as recommissions for Bad Education, Bluestone 42 and Some Girls.

600 Days (w/t) is a brand-new six part comedy about the ultimate unlikely couple who end up on the wrong side of the law.

The series follows straight-laced Luke, played by stand-up comedian Elis James, who finds himself sentenced to two years in a Young Offenders Institution along with Kadiff Kirwan as his girlfriend’s brother Jason. Luke will have to rely on Jason’s street smarts to get him through. Unfortunately, Jason is a massive idiot.

2011 Foster’s Best Newcomer nominee Cariad Lloyd is on hand to keep a watchful eye on the boys as prison officer Dawn, alongside her unsettling colleague Creg, played by Ricky Champ. The series also promises to introduce a host of new comedic actors to the channel.

The series was created and written by Dan Swimer (Grandma’s House, Bad Education) and Adam Kay (Mongrels, Up The Women). It is a BBC In-house Comedy production, produced by James Farrell and executive produced by Pete Thornton.

Top Coppers is an action comedy about police detectives John Mahogany (Conor McKenna) and Mick Rust (John Kearns). Also starring Charlotte Ritchie and Tom Bennett.

Bad Education has been renewed for a third series, starring Jack Whitehall, which will air in the autumn.

Bluestone 42, the critically-acclaimed comedy following a bomb disposal unit in Afghanistan is commissioned for a further six episodes.

Some Girls is also back for more as the four Greenshoots Academy’s sixth form girls, Viva, Amber, Holli and Saz return. This time, sensible, level headed Viva wants to defy expectations and do something completely crazy. But it’s not long before she regrets her actions. Holli needs to raise some money to buy back her mother’s pawned jewellery and has some unusual ideas about how to do it. Saz discovers that, against all odds, there is a boy out there who likes her – if only she could work out who it is. And Amber gets ousted as the hottest girl on the block when her sister moves back home. Rocky and Viva are in love but the differences between them make this series a game of ‘will they won’t they’. And where is Brandon? Amber is convinced he has had to go into hiding….


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