Watch This 24 Live Another Day Extended Trailer

Well folks, it’s exactly 24 days until 24: Live Another Day premieres on Sky One (1am on Tuesday 6th May – simultaneously with the US) and producers are gearing up for it’s return with a coordinated marketing strategy across all types of media.

As part of that, comes this extended trailer:

Jack, misunderstood as usual, is in London to protect President Heller from a threat which traces back to an organisation for which cyber goth, Chloe O’Brien now works. The catch is that the authorities think Jack is in London to do the president harm. Really? Really? They must be mad!

Nonetheless, “if an American president is killed on foreign soil, you’re looking at a world war”! Could the stakes be any higher?

Regulars Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub return along with Tate Donovan, William Devane and Benjemin Bratt.

Many TV shows have been revived recently and the revivals have been short lived due to visible deterioration in the quality of the show. Based on this, 24: Live Another Day does not look set to follow that trend.

Jack is back. And he’s looking has good as ever!


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