Derren Brown Does It Again With ‘Infamous’

Psychological illusionist Derren Brown returned to Channel 4 yesterday night for a televised recording of his latest stage show, ‘Infamous’. The show was recorded at Leeds Grand Theatre in West Yorkshire earlier in the year.

Within minutes of the show starting, Derren Brown was one of the highest trending topics on Twitter in the UK as fans across the nation shared their amazement in tweets.

‘Infamous’ featured more powerful mind reading and charming comedy as well as exposing how psychics do what they do.

There were new presentations of classic Derren stunts including predicting what an audience member will draw when given a free choice as well as jaw dropping new stuff like having a man lower his hand into an empty transparent box in which he can physically feel an item drawn by another member of the audience in secret.

The second half featured NOT talking to dead people as well as mind blowing memory stunts in which Derren memorised a bus time table and the complete works of Shakespeare. As well as mind blowing mentalism, Derren now does impressions and a very good Liverpool accent.

If you missed it, Infamous can be viewed on Channel 4OD for the next 30 days.


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