Magician Adam Patel To Star In Television Series

Adam Patel Magician

Just a year ago Adam Patel was working as a pharmacist in West Yorkshire. Less than a year after making the decision to leave, he is now to become the latest magician to star in his own television series.

“I’ve tried to make a very strong show,” says Patel, “It’s certainly a very personal show. I genuinely hope magic fans enjoy it and maybe some even love it. But I set myself the goal of making a show that I myself am proud of. And I hope I can do that.”

Adam describes his magic as a combination of his three special skills: sleight-of-hand, perceptual manipulation and mind hacking. But however you choose to describe it, Patel caused hysteria on the streets of 11 British cities during 2015 on his Urban Illusionist tour and even received accusations of witchcraft from the Muslim community.

The 4 part series, “Adam Patel: Real Magic” is scheduled to film in various locations across the UK in April and is expected to hit your TV screens later in the year.

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