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If you’re a film maker and you’ve made something you think our readers might be interested in, you can submit your story to us.

Just a few ground rules:

1. While one of our reasons for existence is to support British independent film, we do not currently cover shorts. This may change in the future. A short film is anything shorter than 70 minutes in length.

2. We will not write anything we deem to be offensive.

3. The story must be of interest to the general TV viewing or movie going public. If your film is showing in a single cinema in Grimsby, one time, it probably won’t appeal to a national UK audience. But if your DVD or VOD release is coming up, there’s a reasonable chance that it does.

4. IMPORTANT: Please submit the story as you wish it to be published. We don’t have a huge staff, and the less we have to edit and alter the article, the more likely it is that you’ll get posted. That said, we will do checks to make sure the same words in the same order do not exist else ware on the web. If the same, or a very similar article does exist esleware on the internet, we will not publish your article.

5. Please include any images you wish to be published with your article, realising that by submitting them to us for posting, you are agreeing that we may use them at any time in the future as we see fit.

6. It is most likely that we will not contact you, whether we publish your article or not. This is just a time thing and may change as we grow.

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