How To Watch US TV Shows Online From The UK

Ever wanted to watch online TV services like Hulu but found that being in the UK presented a problem?

In this article we’ll look at ways to watch American TV shows online from the UK, without downloading pirate copies from torrent sites and other questionable means.

The reason that On Demand services like Hulu, and US TV networks don’t work in the UK is because of something called geo locking. What this means to you and me is that when you connect to their website, the server that their website is hosted on checks where you’re from, using your IP address. When they find out you’re not viewing from the US, they tell you that you’re not in a domestic territory and that you cannot use the service.

The answer, then, is simple. How do you get your computer to stop disclosing its location and tell the On Demand servers that you’re from the US. Sound like something out of ‘24‘? Well… it kind of is.

There’s a program available for Windows and Mac which does exactly that. It’s called Hotspot Shield.

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