iOS 8: What’s New?

Apple is calling it’s updated operating system for iPhones and iPads “the biggest iOS release ever”.

The new Photos app now has much needed search features allowing you to find old photos without having to annoyingly scroll through your entire camera roll and locate the photo by eye. This is a feature we saw a need for years ago. Additionally, the Photos app now has a built in editor to allow you to edit and improve your photos instantly and without skill.

The Messages app has new features too, though they sound like they’re copied from WhatsApp. You can now add your voice to text message conversations (just like WhatsApp) and you can instantly make videos and send them from within the messages app (just like Vine)… AND you can send your location to your friends from within the app (just like WhatsApp). This is no doubt an effort from Apple to compete with WhatsApp, which is now owned by Facebook.

iOS 8 also boasts new shortcuts and time saving features designed to make it faster to get from one place to another and allowing you to more efficiently access the features and people you use and speak to most often.

These features include what Apple is calling their smartest keyboard ever, with an improved auto-correct which knows who you’re talking to and whether you’re writing a message or an email.

iOS 8 also claims to make sharing easier. You can now share iTunes purchases and personal details with 6 other people.

A lot of that sounds like fluff.

Perhaps the most interesting new feature of iOS 8 is the health suite which includes an activity tracker, a heart rate monitor and other health and fitness apps that allow you to track your health and well being like never before. You can also share this information with your personal trainer (if you have one) or your doctor.

Finally, iOS 8 allows real time multi-device synching. So you can being writing an email on your iPhone and then finish it off on your Macbook. Or send an SMS message from any device.

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