Famous Magicians: UK Top 10

Magicians have become popular in recent years. Since David Blaine made magic cool again in 1997, a plethora of performers have emerged, doing the impossible. Here is our countdown of the top 10 most famous magicians in Britain.

#10. Adam Patel

Adam Patel Magician

British Asian illusionist, Adam Patel, is one of the UK’s top magical talents. While he’s been performing for 18 years, he finally shot his first one-off TV show, “Adam Patel: Urban Illusionist” in 2015. Despite this, and his YouTube Channel, Patel seems to have continued to largely fly under the media radar. But according to IMDb, he is to follow up Urban Illusionist with a new show this year, titled “Adam Patel: Real Magic”. Follow Adam Patel on Twitter and Facebook.

#9. Richard Jones

Richard Jones

In 2016, Richard Jones made history when he became the first magician to win TV talent show, ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ by producing a war veteran in his final performance. His fame lead to him becoming the front man in the 2016 West End production of ‘The Impossible’ and yielded 13,000 Facebook fans.

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#8. Pete Firman


Pete Firman is one of the UK’s most enduring magical talents. He has a number of TV and radio credits from Channel 5’s ‘Monkey Magic’ back in the 90s to BBC’s ‘Now You See It’ & ‘The Magicians’.

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#7. Ali Cook


Magician and actor Ali Cook has an enviable number of TV credits spanning several decades from Channel 5’s ‘Monkey Magic’ to Sky One’s ‘Magic World Tour’ not to mention appearances on Blue Peter.

Ali Cook recently featured in the West End show, ‘The Illusionists’ and has now diversified his career into acting.

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#6. Troy


After cancelling Dynamo’s contract, Channel 4 was probably a tad disappointed with their decision when Watch gave him a deal and made him a household name. Troy was their answer. The half Jamaican, half German magician puts the street into street magic and after two series of his own show, creatively titled ‘Troy’, he has gone on to make appearances on a number of TV shows.

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#5. Ben Hamlin

Star of ITV2’s magic/candid camera show Tricked, Ben Hamlin has risen to fame as one of the UK’s most mischievous magicians.

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#4. Katherine Mills


The UK’s most famous female magician and star of TV show, “Katherine Mills: Mind Games”, Katherine Mills clocks in at number 4, if only because of her social media following.

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#3. Jamie Raven


Made famous by TV talent show ‘Britain’s Got Talent‘, Jamie Raven did the impossible: He made Simon Cowell – who’s inner child is long dead – ‘believe in magic’.

Here’s the famous clip:

Following that success, Raven then featured as the UK face of West End magic spectacular ‘The Illusionists” which played at the Shaftesbury Theatre in London between November 2015 and January 2016.

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#2. Derren Brown

Derren Brown illusionist

Britain’s foremost magical performer, whose TV and stage shows have taken mind reading to a whole new level, Derren Brown is unquestionably a brand. Brown rose into the national consciousness after famously playing Russian Roulette live on television and has since gone on to produce some of the best television and theatre magic shows ever. Follow Derren Brown on Twitter & Facebook.

Derren Brown Russian Roulette:

Derren Brown performs to Stephen Fry:

#1. Dynamo

Whether you think he’s the best or not is a matter of opinion, but there’s no doubt Dynamo is the most famous magician in the UK as of right now. From humble begins on one of Bradford’s worst council estates, to the undeniable face of magic in Britain, Steven Fryne has come a long way.

Rising to fame with his famous ‘Walking On Water’ stunt that kick started 4 series of Dynamo: Magician Impossible on the TV channel, Watch, Dynamo’s name is now synonymous with magic in the UK.

Walking on the Thames:


Ta-da! There you have it. The top 10 most famous magicians in the UK.

Disagree? Think we missed somebody out? Have your say in the comments…

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